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I created this blog because i wanted to share my passion for music with other people with the same passion.On this blog i want to share some songs I love, lyrics, some bios…This blog isn’t about just one genre of music, it’s about all good genres and all good music.Doesn’t matter if some songs are pop, jazz, rap, blues, that makes no difference because genre doesn’t say if that song it’s good, the song itself says it.If somebody doesn’t like one genre that doesn’t mean that that person doesn’t like any of songs in that genre.For example, me, at first i haven’t listen to jazz music, but then one day in school our music teacher played us cover of one jazz song and as soon as I got home I played original version of that song and I got addicted, and I started looking for some more song of that genre and I really liked it.

It doesn’t matter which genre is some song, it only matters if it’s a good song.It doesn’t matter which person sings that song, it only matters does that person sings that song right.It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like your taste for music, it only matters do you like it…AND THAT IS WHAT THIS BLOG IS ABOUT, IT’S ABOUT EXPRESING YOURSELF WITHOUT BEING JUDGED!!!


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This blog is about THE best music you've ever heard!

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